1. The 29th

    Ola! Haha Again with the outfit post. 

    This was what I wore during my father’s birthday last Sunday, September 29. 

    I wore white, so..

    I wore my super-duper-comfy-fabulous heels from Promod. My mother also got them in black&white.

    Last month’s achievement was, drum roll please.. being able to fit back to a size 28 pair of jeans! Woohoo!! :)

    jeans Oxygen top Marks&Spencer bag MARITHÉ + FRANÇOIS GIRBAUD

    I guess it’s been quite a while since I posted a recent outfit post. I got a new ‘do haha look at them highlights. And if you follow me on instagram, I got the Blackberry Z10 already! 

    It’s finals week next week and I’m cramming up on all the requirements! I can’t wait for semestral break aaannd it’s also my birth month Haha I’m soo excited!!!!

    See you when I see you.XO

    HAHA blurry outtakes

    (Not in photo: my younger sister)

  2. La la la

    This week’s superb find! My sister let me listen to the original version by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith but I find this waaaaay better! omg *.* i heard this on a pop-up ad but as I was trying to find out which tab it was playing, I accidentally exited it. Good thing I had mad research skillz haha with a z! :) 

    It’s my university’s Intramurals this week and I probably have a lot of free time to blog. Yea yeah!! Anyway, enjoy!!


  3. I’m alive

    Ahehehe. i know, i know. Schoolwork’s so clingy right now T_T

    I am still alive. Follow me on instagram. I usually post there.

    Accumulated mirror shots. Some made their solo debut, some didn’t. There’s more where that came from! *wink wink*

    'Til the next post,


  4. summer love

    I told you before my dreams are at work! Heehee Last summer I was very busy (chos!) with all my sewing and DIYs and stuff. Hence, the entry title. This was my summer love <3 Here are the only two pieces that were shot (by my sister). I actually made 3 other skirts that sadly did not fit me; will probably give it away…or sell it maybe.

    A double slit maxi skirt

    Striped Leggings

    The leggings were very hard to manage. The fabric was so all over the place but I still managed. All the time, effort, patience(!!!!!) and running out of thread was worth it! I still have a lot of fabric left and I’ll try my best to get back on the machine as soon as I find time. 

    See youXOXO

  5. Cebu


    le familyeaah


    our very own chef, my sister!


    instagram. hipster. I actually saw Troy Montero and I just stupidly stared at him and missed the chance to have a photo op. Oh well.




    Mövenpick Hotel at Mactan Cebu




    Marriott Hotel, Cebu


    coffee break at Seattle’s Best Ayala

    I still have tons of pictures but I won’t bag you down with a super-ultra-megaheavy photo post. Heehee :)

    See you soon XO

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